ABOUT The Psych Journey

The Psych Journey has been a developing idea over the years of studying Psychology and working in mental health. The creator of The Psych Journey, George, understands the difficulty of a journey in Psychology, the ups, the downs, the opportunities and the barriers. Therefore, bringing various ‘Psych Journey’s’ to one platform can provide critical understanding, honesty, transparency and insight to prospective Psychology professionals and Psychology professionals.


When studying Psychology, I was ‘all eyes set’ on becoming a Clinical Psychologist but accessing such professionals seemed impossible. I knew I was good at networking, confident with people and willing to talk to anyone but I still couldn’t establish a contact. When I strolled through my Master’s (not literally – not at all), I came across many Clinical Psychologists. At the time, I thought it was because I went to the University of Leeds – the Clearing house for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is situated here. I was wrong. Despite this, my mental health experience in the NHS began and this has propelled forward to becoming an Assistant Psychologist. I do not intent to make it sound simple, my journey has been difficult – you will see this in the content that The Psych Journey will share. Assistant Psychologist posts are fiercely competitive, rare and sought after. Thus, it’s important that visitors to The Psych Journey website have great insight to the role of an Assistant Psychologist and understand how to obtain an Assistant Psychologist role. Furthermore, understanding the route into Clinical Psychology, understanding what a Clinical Psychologist is and importantly, an understanding of the Clinical Psychology doctorate. To add to this, The Psych Journey will bring different insights to other Psychology professions and guidance toward pursuing a variety of Psychology careers.


The Psych Journey will capture and encapsulate a variety of Psychology journeys – every journey into Psychology is different, hence the name of the platform (The Psych Journey). Importantly, The Psych Journey will bring many other Psychology professionals’ contributions, thus, creating a wider representation to a ‘Psychology journey’. The Psych Journey content will provide knowledge and insight with the help from Psychology professionals ranging from Assistant Psychologists – Clinical Psychologists – Consultant Clinical Psychologists – Counselling Psychologists – Research Psychologists – and a range of other Psychology professionals. The Psych Journey has objectives and they are to provide access to, increase engagement in, debunk myths and improve knowledge in Psychology and share understanding of the variety in Psychology careers.


The Psych Journey brings a new platform of accessibility, knowledge and access that can add value for people with an interest in Psychology careers or Psychology in general.


If you have ANY questions, see our contact page. You can also reach out to us on Twitter and follow us on Instagram!

ABOUT The editor and creator of the psych journey

The main editor and creator of The Psych Journey is George. George works as an Assistant Psychologist in the NHS and holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and Neuroscience. With a few years of clinical experience and academia, the aim is to share understanding of life in Psychology with adding expertise from wider collaborations.

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