DCLIN results: Being kind to yourself

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This article isn’t too dissimilar to this article that I wrote last month but more focussed on NOW – the realisation that the Clinical Psychology Doctorate won’t be happening for you this year can feel like a ‘kick in the teeth’ and being KIND to yourself is a PRIORITY.

Anyone else been sat there scrolling through LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram and seeing all the celebrations of people gaining a place on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate? – we’ve all been there.

Firstly, it is AMAZING that people are gaining their place, whether it’s ‘a long time coming’ or ‘right timing’ (or the many other reasons), it’s incredible. But, for those that have been unsuccessful, whether it’s the first time or not, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to be kind to yourself.

Here’s why:

  • Maybe it’s not the right time for you
  • You are not the other person who’s gained a place and you probably don’t know their journey/ story
  • You have time (SO MUCH TIME)
  • Clinical Psychology is not you
  • You have plenty of possibilities in life
  • There are many other career options you can take
  • Life is worth living for YOU and not Clinical Psychology

I remember working with a Clinical Psychologist in a previous NHS trust and she said to me, “Clinical Psychology is not everything and it’s just a job”.

Honestly, at the time, this hit me! I thought to myself “WHAT!? I don’t want to do anything else, how can you say that!!??”

I still really want to be a Clinical Psychologist but I’m aware I have time and, I have options. I have other interests which I am well and truly involved with (I absolutely love property – houses, flats – anything!) and it keeps me super busy. Ultimately, I have things that I do outside of Clinical Psychology (and being an Assistant Psychologist) so all the stress of the DCLIN (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology) is reduced.

So, how can you look after yourself?

  • Realise that Clinical Psychology isn’t everything
  • Explore other passions
  • Take your TIME
  • Reach out for support from other Psychology Professionals (Many are super helpful and KIND)
  • Reflect Reflect Reflect

Remember, the Clinical Psychology route is INCREDIBLY tough so take your time and be kind to yourself!

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